AI Workshop for Radiologists: From Basics to Practice

The two hands-on workshops, specifically designed for radiologists, aim to introduce and enhance the understanding of AI in radiology. These workshops are carefully crafted to provide a strong foundation for how AI is revolutionizing the field, offering an engaging and interactive learning experience.

As a key highlight, we have invited expert instructors from NVIDIA, a globally recognized technology company, to lead these workshops. Their expertise in AI will provide invaluable insights and practical knowledge to all participants.

Workshop A: Appendicitis Segmentation using Synthetic Data (Mask-to-image synthesis)

  • Dive into developing a generative model for appendicitis, creating synthetic data, training a segmentation model, and evaluating it on real datasets.

Workshop B: CXR Classification using Synthetic Data (Text-to-image synthesis)

  • Focus on developing a generative model for CXR analysis, training a classification model, and assessing its accuracy with actual datasets.

Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops to engage in the hands-on activities fully. Join us to explore the transformative power of AI in radiology and enhance your professional skills with the guidance of NVIDIA's experts.

Flexible Registration for Hands-On Workshops

Registration for these workshops is designed to offer flexibility in participation. After confirming your payment for the AOCR 2024 conference, you can sign up for one or both of our specialized workshops.

  • Choose Your Workshop: Select either Workshop A (Appendicitis Segmentation) or Workshop B (CXR Classification), or choose to attend both for a comprehensive experience.
  • Indicate Preferences: Please make sure to specify your primary and secondary workshop choices during registration. We prioritize filling primary slots first, so early registration is recommended.

Registration link: